Animal Lovers and Adoptive Parents GROUP

This group has been created for anyone who LOVES animals, mammals, reptiles etc, for anyone who has or has had animals as pets, for anyone who has rescued an animal from a rescue place,for anyone who has adopted any animals, BIG or small, wild or domestic, for anyone who is an animal lover & wants to share any pictures, stories or comments with other members of this group. Anyone who is an animal lover is welcome in this group. We ONLY want HAPPY pictures, HAPPY stories and HAPPY comments & chat. We want pictures that make you go 'Awwwwwwww' and which give you the 'feel good' feeling. There is SO much harrowing & heartbreaking news on the main feed pages on Facebook about animal neglect & cruelty and we DEFINITELY don't want anything sad or negative posted on to here. That doesn't mean that I don't help out or re-post these links, I DO! But I want people to be able to come on to this page and see the happy animal pictures & read the happy animal stories. So if you like the sound of us, please come and join us....xxxxx