Islamic Debates

Islamic Debates is a group for serious, rational debates on Islam and the on-going political and cultural issue related to Muslim Societies. Please note that this group is restricted for Muslims or ExMuslims only.

This is a free speech group and members are free to criticize any idea, belief or cultural practice provided they have a valid rational criticism to back their point. Free speech does not mean showing insulting behavior or abusing fellow members.

Following are the rules for group:

1. Free Speech group
2. Free speech does not include personal insults and abusing behavior
3. Spam or excessive trolling is not allowed
4. Personal threats are not tolerated
5. Admin(s) can not be blocked
6. Membership is for Muslims or ExMuslims only
7. Irrelevant content will be deleted
8. Only selected posts will be published to ensure the quality of posts remain high
9. Post must be in English so that all members can understand and reply
10. Please provide proper references when you posting something from an external source such as a Book or a web site.


PS: Please do not reply to this thread as this is for information purpose only and not for debate. Any comments made on this thread will be deleted.