East Rand Notice Board

A public forum for people to advertise their goods and services. It is not a dating website, a chat forum or a board to promote personal ideologies, agenda's or political motivations etc. It is simply a place advertise goods for sale. Offenders will be banned and where necessary reported to the relevant authorities.

No racial comments allowed what so ever. Offenders will be banned immediately.

Please state prices for goods advertised.

Do not insult or offend any posters on here.

Do not bump adds in a 24 hour period so as to allow all posters a chance to advertise without their add being pushed down in an unreasonable time.

• This page is a no under 18's page and all members to have a clear profile pic.

• Anyone who post abusive posts of ANY SORT to other members of the site will be banned from the page.

If selling more than one item please create an album. Maintain your album regularly if items are sold from there.

Buyers are not bound in any way to commit to purchasing goods they have stated they want. It is a "Gentleman's agreement" between buyer and seller.

• If someone has in-boxed you and it's not there, please check your 'other' in your messages as they may appear there instead.

• The Police monitor sites like this for 'hot' or stolen items. If you get caught, it's your concern and absolutely nothing to do with the administrators of this site. It is a free site and we can not vet every single item listed for sale.

• By posting on here, you are agree to the rules whether you have read them or not and Admin reserve the right to remove any post/member without notification