Duck Decoy Collector's Page

I have been an avid Duck Decoy Collector for years. I am a novice duck decoy carver as well. I have collection of more that 100 duck decoys. I have hand carved decoys, vintage and recent, in my collection from around the United States and Canada. I decided to start this group to attract other decoy collectors and carvers to join and share information, sell the decoys if they wish, and to posts swap meets etc.. I am located in Louisiana / Mississippi area.

Members please feel free to share this with your fb friends. Especially carvers and collectors.

There are only a few rules to this group.

1. This group will allow only posts regarding to hand carved duck decoys and other wildlife ONLY!!! Do not posts other items or any other spam.

2. If a member wants to list to show off a carving or collected item you can posts to this group.

3. If a member wants to sell a duck decoy or related items you must give a complete description of the item along with the location. List your price as well. A photograph of the item is required.

4. A member may posts other related information regarding duck decoys such as swap meets etc.. please feel free to do so.

4. If you have sold or found what you are looking for please delete your post so we don't have to much clutter.

5. Treat your other members with respect for ex: this means IF you make arrangements to meet a fellow member then do not stand them up! Things happen but have common decency!!!!

6.) IF you can not treat fellow members with RESPECT you will be removed!!

Thank you!!!