Wodonga/Albury Defence Families

This is a group for Defence families that reside in Wodonga/Albury and surrounds. Past present and future - feel free to come and chat.

Tell us about your favourite hang out, restaurant, shops, playgroup, sporting facilities... bascially anything you feel will help present or future wodonga goers.

Most importantly, come and say hello and meet some new people - we dont know you're out there until you do.

If you have any questions or have any advice on the area we live in please pass this on to our members.

Please respect your fellow users. Do not bring rank, position or names of any military personnel to your comments, this page is for Defence families.

We reserve the right to remove content that is inappropriate or offensive.

Please no advertising businesses on any day apart from Saturday. Please do not create events on the page.

Blocking of Admins, preventing admin from seeing, commenting, or editing posts is not permitted. You will be removed.

FOR MEMBERS WANTING TO JOIN:- A message will be sent asking you to verify that you are a Defence family. Once confirmation has been received we will add you to the group. We do not need to know personal details, rank or PMkeys, we only need to confirm that you are a Defence family. Please also check your "others" folder!