Democratic 2014 and 2016 Change campaign

The Rules of this group please read before entering conversation.....Thanks~~~~~

We do not sugar coat anything here....if the rules don't fit then don't ask us to change them...please just remove yourself and find the group that fits you.
I'm amazed by how quickly our group is growing! With the rapid growth and
large numbers of requests we're getting, it's hard to vet the new members. That's where we would like you to come in and give us a hand. Democratic 2014 and 2016 Change Campaign does not tolerate trolls. Period. No Bundy supporters, no Koch supporters and certainly no Republican agenda supporters. Also, since religion is such a personal issue, let's not get into those discussions. We are religion-neutral. No Bashing the President or any other Democratic Candidate..go somewhere else to do that. No name calling of other members let's respect each other and #votebluealltheway2014. Please help us, and report any of the above types to an admin so they can be removed. This is a support and strategy group with a goal to help influence change, help get Democrats elected, and remove the Right Wing menace to our democracy from office. Welcome to our new members! Quick reminder if you didn't hear me do not bash any other Democratic Candidate...if you do consider yourself gone. Do not block admin or that is an automatic ban. Also we do not use this group to talk smack about another group or person....that will not be tolerated here, if you have a problem with another person or group take it out of this group. Also we are not ebay we do not sell merchandise in this group and if political please OK it with admin. Please we are grown ups and language will be used against the Republican not use the N word or the C word but pretty much most goes ...I am not a babysitter so let's to just respect your fellow Democrats. Also Double and triple posting if you post something that has already been posted we will delete need to scroll to see if it has been posted. And again Welcome to the newcomers...enjoy!! Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert greatly welcomed.
Thanks Robin ~~

This group is just the beginning of moving this Country Forward and bring change in 2014 and leading up to 2016 for President.

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