Vipassana: Dhamma Seva ~ विपश्यना: धम्म सेवा ~ Vipassana: Volunteers

This group has been formed to create Awareness, Inspire, Encourage and Support one of the most important 'Paramis' on the path of enlightenment, to Volunteer - do SEVA .

All are invited to join the group who have done at least ONE 10-Day course of VIPASSANA - As taught by Shri S N Goenka and his Assistant teachers, in the tradition of Sayagyi U Ba Khin. It is not necessary that you should have done SEVA to be a member of the Group, but would like to Volunteer someday.

Those who have NOT done the 10 -Day course are encouraged to do so as it is a basic requirement for DOING SEVA to have done a 10 Day course.

Members are encouraged to share their experiences as Volunteers, share pictures, discuss situations to help others to SERVE BETTER and most important create a NETWORK of volunteers to Support the teaching and pay our Gratitude to our Teacher. Be happy, by serving....METTA..!

The Nobel Peace Prize for S N Goenka of Vipassana Meditation
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