Dharapuram Photography Club

Dharapuram Photography Club is a common platform for Photography freaks, from across the globe to come together, share thoughts, learn and help each other grow in their talents.

A few words more...* Pls follow this while posting pics or links.
While we appreciate the support that is been exchanged in the group, I wish we would also keep in mind few ground rules.
1. This group is mainly for exchanging ideas / knowledge on photography, photography equipment's and post processing, and thus help individuals to improve their skills.
2. The photos posted here, should have a minimum dimension of 800 px.
3. The image should be posted directly to the group, please do not share from your other albums or post links.
4. While you comment on a picture, understand that the person who has posted image has his/ her own view points. Comment or criticisms should be aimed at the betterment of the individual, and should not cause any ill feeling or harm.
5. The photos posted here, are not DPC’s property, and are not for grabs. Image copyright for all the images posted here belongs to the member who has posted it. Please DO NOT take the images from the group, and use it.
6. When you see an image and feel that there is scope of improvement, make sure that you have intimated the person concerned BEFORE working on it. Else, please just give your suggestion.
7. We appreciate that you do have a photography page, or that you own a very successful business. But please do not promote it using this group .
8. Please only post Original ( your own ) images here. DPC would not be responsible for any individual violating the copyright rules. That is the individuals’ responsibility. However, DPC would take appropriate action if such a post a brought to the admin’s notice.
9. Also, folders created without the permission of admin's will be deleted.