Dharma Punx NYC

Dharma Punx NYC is an alternative Buddhist community in the Insight/Vipassana tradition. Classes are taught by Josh Korda and offered without charge, supported by donation only, on Mondays and Tuesdays and Sundays. Wednesday and Thursday evenings are led by dedicated practitioners.
All are welcome.

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Past Dhamma talks:

Monday and Tuesday nights run until 8:30 pm, and feature a half hour guided meditation, followed by a Dhamma talk, then questions and answers.

Wednesday nights from 7-9 pm This new Deepening your Practice class of Dharma Punx NYC is focused on experience driven mindfulness practices. We will explore a theme for a number of weeks, to allow us time do develop a broad spectrum of practical meditation skills. Facilitated by 3 dedicated practitioners.

*Thursday nights (at Lila) run until 8:30 pm, and feature a 30 minute meditation, followed by a brief Peer-facilitated Dhamma topic/talk followed by open sharing.

** Brooklyn Dharma Punx**
Monday evenings at 7:00 pm
Maha Rose Center
97 Green Street @ Franklin St.
Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

** Manhattan Dharma Punx**
Tuesday evenings at 7:00 pm
at the Lila Wellness Center,
302 Bowery 3fl (Middle Buzzer).

** Josh Korda & Melissa McKay **
Sunday Evenings at 6pm
Go Yoga
112 North 6th Street
Williamsburg, Brooklyn

**Deepening Your Practice**
Wednesday Evenings at 7pm
at the Lila Wellness Center,
302 Bowery 3fl (Middle Buzzer).