Diabetes and Food - let's celebrate it!

Diabetes and Food - let's celebrate it! is a group from Diabetes Counselling Online, moderated by our team including a dietitian, counsellor and diabetes educator (all who have diabetes ourselves!) - for people with any type of diabetes and their loved ones to communicate and connect about food and diabetes.
Food can seem so complicated when you get diabetes and it is true that healthy eating is vital for managing diabetes. BUT it is vital for everyone and nowadays there is no such thing as a "diabetic diet!". We are encouraging you to enjoy food and to learn about it. Whatever the issue, we aim to support each other through the often tricky task of navigating the food maze. In particular, people trying to make healthy lifestyle changes are encouraged to post and support each other around their efforts, share ideas and seek advice from our team. No judgement and no negative comments please and definitely NO advertisements of ANY weight loss products, foods, diets or programme. This is all about people with diabetes supporting each other to make changes and learn how to deal with things like changes to insulin regimes, exercise and food management, ideas for recipes etc. As this is for a types of diabetes there may be issues unique to your situation that are different to others - we will not tolerate any negative comments towards another member and any such comments and people will be taken out of the group. This is a space to walk in other people's shoes as well as our own :-) Now let's go eat!