DigiPaint: AAU's Digital Painting Community

This is an Academy of Art University community to share artwork, ideas, techniques, critiques, and experiences painting digitally.

We're here to exchange feedback on our work inside and class and out, and to learn from each other, but also to build a community and network. Students of Digital Painting are welcome here (and "student" is a general term, because we're always learning). If you want to share a digital painting that inspires you, or your ideas for a new piece, that's cool too!

Artists retain all rights to artwork posted here and copyrights of artwork shared here (whether your own or that which inspires you) must be respected.

Be polite and constructive when critiquing, folks! That means not only describing what works and what doesn't, but also suggestions for how to fix works in progress or what can be learned from finished work when going forward. When asking for feedback, it's also helpful to others if you explain what you're going for and what you need help with or aren't yet satisfied with. Try to take feedback (whether conceptual or technical) in the spirit in which they're offered: as helpful suggestions.

Thanks for joining the community, and have fun!

- Alexandra Bond via www.StudioBond.net