Ceramic Recipes

This group is NOT for advertising your business, goods or showcasing your work. There are many good groups for that specific use.

If you do not have a friend currently in the group, I will be unlikely to add you if I cannot see ceramics on your page. Message me with the reason you want to belong if I have not added you. I will block you if I decide you are a spammer bot. Message me if you think I have blocked or ignored you unfairly.

The Group has 4 Tabs at the top, "MEMBERS EVENTS PHOTOS FILES". FILES is the section where Recipes are kept. To search files: First go to the FILES Keep scrolling until it will not scroll further. Type CNTL F. That will bring up a box either at the top or bottom of your browser. Type in what you are looking for and use the down arrow to step through. For example if you are looking for low fire glazes just type 'low' then use the down and up arrow next to the box which will take you to each item with low in the file name found. The magnify glass at the top right is another way to search but it is more difficult to use to find an individual file.

The "Sharing" PDF files in the "Files" section come in part from the now deleted Group "Glaze and Clay recipes" by Terri Kennedy who was helped by Mimi Champlin. Our thanks go to those thoughtful women for starting the ball rolling.

Please remember to include relevant information (temperature, atmosphere, etc.) if you create a file.

Feed back and pictures on any recipe you test is very much appreciated. It is most helpful to comment on the recipe which if not in the Files section can be created there.

Most of these recipes are from North America so the materials reflect that. If you can get me the materials you use and the chemical % composition I can recalculate most recipes for you.