Distance 2B Traveled-Hiking and Outdoor Adventures

Please send me a message if you would like to join the group. All the Best, Jason Bruecks

Distance 2B Traveled is a creation born of the belief that beauty and adventure exist in every part of nature, and they
are waiting for us to discover them. What makes this experience even better is the laughter and fellowship that comes with the company of like-minded people, young and old, from all walks of life, who are eager to travel the distance,
near or far, and explore the treasures of the Coachella Valley.

Our leader is Jason Bruecks, who has lived in the Coachella Valley since 1974. His knowledge of hiking trails, flora and fauna, geography, and the history of Palm Springs and the surrounding communities distinguish him as a local expert on desert exploration. Whether you are here for a brief vacation, or are a permanent resident, he will help you plan an unforgettable exploration our "Coachella Valley Playground."

Yearly Memberships $125.00
Non members $15 per adventure