DISTANT PLANET: Old Skool Hardcore, Jungle and Techno

Distant Planet.. Old Skool Hardcore, Jungle & Techno.

Inspired by the early raves scene circa 1988-1993 Distant Planet aims to bring the authentic sound of the oldskool rave. Never cheesy, never dated, this is oldskool music for the modern dancefloor.

Distant Planet is not meant to be a nostalgic night, but offers that special vibe of all that is missing from a modern party.

We always aim to go that little bit further... we try to hold our events in interesting locations to keep the party fresh. You can expect free give-aways at most of our events.

Want to test your rave knowledge? We run a highly successful Rave Quiz, often hosted by Jerome Hill. Be Warned - this quiz seperates the men from the boys!

Look out for future Distant Planet events soon!!