Dog Society Of Bangladesh

'Dog Society Of Bangladesh' is open for dog & animal lovers.
This society is opened with some determination.
1.Inspire people to adopt our Local Dogs as Pet & Community Dog.
2.Increase awareness against Animal & Dog cruelty.
3.Help people to find a Home / Foster Home for dogs / animals.
4.Create consciousness among people to help Dogs & Puppies in their territory.
5.Share general details on Parenting/Raising Dogs or Puppies.
6.Help Dog Parents / owners find suggestion & Veterinary / Small Animal Doctors easily.
7.Raise consciousness among Dog Parents / owners about their pet's safety.
8.Help animal lovers to "Donate for our local (deshi) Animals".
9.Help people who are interested to work for local (deshi) Dogs & Animals.

Cautionary rules for Society Members,
1.Do not make any post or advertisement related to breeding animals.
2.Do not post / ask about buying/ selling dogs or animals.
3.Do not use abusive words or use aggressive speech in any how.
4.Mention photos taken from Net.
5.Maintain 'Gentility' as a society member.

If this rules are broken admins will send you a warning before blocking you from this group.