Dogs of Instagram Singapore (SG)

A place for owners of doggies who have Instagram accounts to gather and chat! Share reviews of dog friendly places, arrange gatherings and share ideas for photos/anything doggy related! #dogsofinstagramsg

Created on June 25th 2014

*No advertising allowed such as businesses, and monetary gain. Exceptions for 100% charity or shelter benefits. Or case to case basis.


To keep this group a happy place without unwanted spamming or advertisement, and some other valid reasons, we need your help to fill up the document that Janicia has created (pinned post), if you haven't.

This will help all of us to know which pet/pet instagram account belong to who (for easier identifying between each other for all). It will also help us to weed out lurkers who are not really pet owners or part of our Dogs of Instagram community.

Please do use your facebook name so that we can track back and not accidentally remove you from the group. And also, do update us if you changed your Facebook Name so that we can update accordingly. Thank you so much for understanding!

*For future new members, please help to fill up within 3 days. Thank you for your support!

*Unidentified members that got removed are free to rejoin as long as they fill up the document within the 3 days period.

& for members that did fill up and got removed without any reasons, please do PM the admins to be added back as we might have accidentally removed you due to mistake or your name filled in the document is different from your FB name, thus not able to track. For this case, we're sorry in advance.