Dog Training Help

Welcome to the "Dog Training Help" Facebook Group.
This group is primarily designed as a resource for "PET OWNERS" who require advice or help with training or behavioral issues.

Ask anything you like and have your questions answered by others. The answers may come from professional dog people or from lay people. Use good judgement and be respectful of others.

No advertising without prior approval.
Messages containing links that require "sign up" or email address collection will be deleted and the account blocked.

No trolling, arguing or disparaging remarks will be tolerated. We are here to help average dog owners and each other without judgement.

Lastly, this is not a "discussion" group. There are plenty of places to discuss your personal views on FB, this is NOT one of them. We are here to provide each other with our expertise which anyone must feel free to provide without the fear of criticism. If you disagree with the information being provided, believe it to be abjectly incorrect or potentially harmful, PM me and I will make the call as to whether to allow it or not.

I hope you enjoy the group.