Keep the Lower Wonga Drive in alive

the Drive-in is located near Gympie, about a 30 minute drive. there is 3 fields with almost the latest movies shown. they have to wait for them to be screened at the cinema first. there is a kiosk there decked out in a 60's theme.

Years ago, there were 55 Drive Ins in Queensland, these days in late 2010 there are only 6 still open, Wonga Twin being one of these 6. So where the hell is Wonga? Wonga is a few km’s north of Gympie take the Kilkivan turn off and follow the signs.

The original owner, Gary King, fulfilled his childhood dream when he created a Drive In Theatre in his backyard. Wonga Drive In has expanded over the years starting off with 1 screen, then onto 2 screens and now a great 3 screens. It has to be one of the most relaxed and hassle free places to catch a flick. No worrying about how many seats are left or the tall person sitting in front of you, just pick a spot, tune the radio or wind down the window and enjoy. The café is fantastic and they even have intervals during the movie so you won’t miss a thing while you pop up there to grab a snack. Today, Greg Beer is the proud new owner of one of Australia’s greatest Drive Ins.