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Welcome to the only one Active Dota 2 group in Malaysia.
Do support us. Proud to be Malaysia Dotarian .

Our official fan page 100% community for Malaysian Dota 2

Read this before u join :


THE FREEDOM TO SPEAK COMES WITH A RESPONSIBILITY you are responsible for what you say. The freedom to speak is NOT TO BE ABUSED; you must not use it to harass or defame others, or to spread any untruths. If you use this group page for the wrong purpose you will be ban immidiatly .
We are not encourage people to fight in this group page. Thanks for your cooperation.

Please use this format if you want trade or sell something here :

Seller :

[H] (Have) / [W] (Want)
Verified Seller ID (if you are not verified seller just leave it blank) :
Steam profile :
Dealing method :
Seller's location :
Contact method/detail :
Photo of item :

Buyer :

[H] (Have) / [W] (Want)
Steam profile :
Dealing method :
Contact method/detail :

Please use [WTA] (Want to ask) if you want to ask something and [OT] (Off topic) if you post something non related to Dota 2

YOu will be banned if :

1. Promoting a page, website, or product that isn't associated with Dota. this is because in this group, it's a place to share info or trading only.

2. Creating a controversial content which sparks racial hate to the group, even the other party isn't related to the status of the group member.

To those who are banned, will be unbanned within 3 weeks from the day of the ban sentenced. This term only apply to the user's personal account and not included group page bans.


any post regarding your game result, you are allowed to post if only
Your kill is 30 and above.
death - 10 below.
Make sure your photo is according to this rule.
If there is serious complain of any of you, ban will take place without notice.