*New* Dragon City Corner: Neighbors, Breeding Tips & General Help (No Hack)

We are a worldwide Dragon City community where you can find friends and neighbours as well as breeding tips and help for getting free tavern dragons. News, secrets, breeding guide and further help of all kind. If you have any questions don't hesitate to post them, no matter how simple or sophisticated they may seem. Our group's language is English; other languages are also supported by our admins like German, Italian, French, Dutch, Croatian, Urdu and Hindi.

General rules: We are a no-hack group! No talking about hacks, offering hacks or posting hack related stuff. Postings of that kind will be deleted immediately and for severe or continuous violation of our rules you risk getting removed or blocked. Hackers should only be reported to an Admin with proof. Please don't add our members to other groups without asking and don't blame anyone for hacking without proof. Respect all group members and follow the Netiquette. Admins mustn't be blocked for any reason. Thanks and happy gaming!

Alexander Mandl aka Aeclypze Owl
Church Mahajan (Ind, Owl's sidekick)
Dar Mise (Fra, Horseman)
Stefano Garavaglia (It)
Davin Shi (USA)
Joe Cartledge (Aus)
Bhogheshwar Reddy (Ind)
Erwin de Klerk (NL)
Eva Johnson (USA, retired at the moment)

Assistant Admins:
Toni Šarac (BIH)
Stephan Meier (CH)

Temporarily offline:
Billy (Idn)