Draw the Line

Your education is what you make of it. Good art is achieved through quality practice and knowledge of your artistic past and your peers. Draw the Line is here to help you in your practice, to encourage you to excellence, and to expand your horizons through peer-review, community knowledge, and shared resources. The group, designed for PCC studio art and graphic design students and alumni, will act as an open forum for critique of current projects, Q&A, tips and tricks from paints to portfolios, lists of reference photo sites, artist galleries, and a variety of tutorials. Eventually, we'll be adding files to the group that contain handy lists of these things for reference - check often. Rules:
+ Be nice and play fair. You guys are adults, act like it.
+ Keep your content clean. Art does not have to fall under a certain rating, but remember the testimony you're keeping for yourself as well as the school. If a website you're linking to contains objectionable content (nudity, cursing, music that automatically plays), please note it in your post. If something's marked 'NSFW', don't open it in the public art labs. If a link is NSFW, it's gotta have a good reason for being posted here.
+ Give specific, helpful, honest critique. 'This feels off' without specifying what's off will not cut it.
+ Invite your friends!
+ If there's a problem, shoot me a note.