Dreamers & Builders

Membership is moderated: Only people with profile pictures who are personally invited by an existing D&B community member will be admitted to this closed group.

"To surrender to something that is bigger than you, has always been bigger than you, will always be bigger than you.

I choose sail.

I choose sink.

I choose rise." - Jon Acuff

The Dreamers & Builders group is an “awesome-ocracy.” We’re here to support each other as we pursue our dreams.

When first joining the D&B community, introduce yourself. Tell us about your dream, share links to where we can find you on the web, and don’t forget to let us know how we can support you as you pursue what you are building. You’ll also find documents under the “file” tab of where to find other community members – most of us are on Twitter, Instagram, and even Pinterest, and many of us have blogsites or websites.

Don’t forget to invest in the community. You’ll receive encouragement, cool challenges, and updates here – and we love it when you participate. And as much as we are here to support you in your pursuits, we need you too! Find someone to encourage who may need a resource you have, or just post a quote that inspires you. Most importantly, remember, you are a dreamer, you are a builder, the world needs you. This community is a place for encouragement as you launch and change that world for the better.

The D&B community is a safe place to tell others your dreams, come to the #feartable with frustrations, wage war against those frustrations with #truthtable, and share at the #bragtable when great things happen. Let’s keep it safe from rumblings, gossip, and talk that tears down. That’s the beauty of an awesome-ocracy. We encourage you to read "What Community Looks Like" document (under the "file" tab to understand the guidelines we do our best to follow).

You'll find links to Dreamers & Builders subgroups under the "files" tab of our group. There are a large number of specialized groups based on our individual dreams and goals. Get involved in these groups as well - you'll find people there who can offer great wisdom and insight!

So, though it is a rare thing, please note that jerks will be evicted at the discretion of the admins. Truth is, the community generally takes care of this problem. Solution: be awesome and you won’t have anything to worry about. Disclaimer: There is a big difference between having different perspectives and being a jerk. Learn that difference and we'll all get along just fine!