Dream Loss Adjusters & Short Term Insurance Advisers

Dream Loss Adjusters entered the short term insurance industry with one goal in mind, "educate and help people"
70% of policy holders out there are under insured and an even bigger percentage have no idea what insurance is all about. Unfortunately all these problems only arise when the need arises to submit a claim. You either get your total claim rejected or items are excluded from settlement because you have "no proof of ownership"
If this sounds familiar you should definitely contact us, we will help you prevent this from happening again, or at all for that matter. Why wait for the inevitable to happen, get your insurance sorted out before it's too late.

Our mission is to change how people look at their short term insurance. Our aim is to get people to take control of their insurance and not the other way around. We want to educate and prepare people so that when they have to claim their loss will be minimal.