Rosita Craft Beer

ROSITA is a special beer crafted in purpose for those times when you want to enjoy a special company and devote some time to yourself. That's why you will find Rosita in quality food shops, at the best restaurants and bars with character.

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TASTING NOTE: Rosita is ROSITA is a honey-colored ale, that delivers elegance with a certain density in the glass, ivory tones with white foam, creamy and consistent with a wholesome persistence. Due to the presence of secondary fermentation yeast, the appearance is cloudy.

We recommend tasting it cold, not frozen (42 to 46ºF) in order to envelop its aromatic presence.

Ones olfactory will detect fruit such as banana and red apple notes along with molasses which is very subtle but also very complex.

The palate is sweet at first but then one notices the passing of its entire volume and aromatic taste that provides a dense and satisfying step. Besides the fruit and honey, there are also notes of toasted grain. Its reasonable acidity lightens ones palate which leads to a surprising complexity.

The aftertaste is elegant, with a fine bitterness. There is a very subtle balsamic note which leaves a clean and fresh finish without any heaviness.


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