I'm a Driving Instructor (ADI or PDI) & I'm on Facebook

A group for Qualified and Trainee Driving Instructors. This group is OPEN and you do not have to be a member to view it. This is a professional forum to allow sharing of ideas and information. It is a collective meeting place for ADIs, PDIs and a few useful others to ask questions and suggestions, and maybe a place to offer other facebookers the chance of employing us to get them on the road!
Keep in touch with the trade news, changes in law and policy, and a little ADI themed light hearted relief!

The main ethos of this group is to promote positive change within the industry. We want to change public perception of ADIs as being a profession, being qualified, and being excellent value when delivering driving skills for life. While we all have our own methods, we have a united goal. Let's work together and achieve it.

Get involved, keep it friendly, stay professional and have fun! (Not a lot to ask, is it?!) And remember this is an open forum, so pupils and parents may be watching!

Any problems please PM an admin directly, we have lives too!

Please note: Due to the necessity of effective administration anyone blocking admins from viewing their contributions will be removed from the group. It is not practical to run a group when posts are not visible.