Dr. Martens For Sale Philippines


10,000 members 10/24/15


This is a CLOSED group, which means that it is a privilege to be in this group. You can find many good deals, sometimes requiring you to be vigilant and patient. You may find fantastic Docs at steal prices, or dispose of your Docs more easily than you might have been able to outside this CLOSED group. Some of you may even make "friends". Yippy skippy.

Being in a CLOSED group magnifies your responsibility to know the GROUP RULES and INFO (https://www.facebook.com/groups/drmartens.ph/permalink/705444156256331/).

Do not fancy yourself indispensable to the group just because you may have made many friends or are very active in the group. People have come and gone, have been very active and then laid low, still, the numbers keep growing. As such, the group and the atmosphere in the group has continuously evolved and adjustments have been made to address those changes. Change is inevitable so expect it. If you cannot deal with change, you are free to leave. If you make too much trouble or give us headaches, you will be released.

Remember, this is a CLOSED group---not a free country. There is a Founder, an owner, admins, and rules who/that seek to keep harmony and order within the group, and this is done by us for free. Therefore, we may also be granted privileges that regular members do not have. Anywhere else admins and members are equals, but not here. Seniority is emphasized. Suffice it to say, we try to be as fair as possible, and most of the time we are helpful and very patient. Do not abuse us.

Of utmost importance here is respect. There may be disagreements in opinion, or you may dislike a member for whatever reason, (like being just plain insecure), but the moment you make a personal attack on a member, or even support a personal attack on a member, especially an Admin---out you go. The exception to this are comments made by the grumpy old man @Wins Lems who is granted "undiplomatic immunity" (pun intended) and the privilege of being the resident sarcast. If you find yourself victim to his sarcastic remarks, just ignore them and allow us a few laughs at your expense lol Wag masyadong pikon.

Finally, utang na loob, do not click on porn links while on FB. They are viruses that automatically repost themselves on your behalf. You will automatically be blocked.