Dutchsinse 2 HAARP, Ellenin, Madrid Fault Line, Weather Manipulation

Where we meet to exchange information related to HAARP, Madrid Fault Line, Weather Manipulation, Occupy Wall Street, and all topics that relate to these subjects. Including UFO's, Conspiracy Theories, 911.....etc. etc.....

I created this room so we can all try to WAKE UP personally, and to WAKE UP others. I push the Family aspect of this group. We are equal and we all see eye to eye here.... :-) . We can agree to disagree at times. If you have any concerns please feel free to contact me directly in a private message.


PERSONAL ATTACKS AND BASHING ANYONE IS NOT TOLERATED.... Thanks for coming and joining the fun.

Glad you found us here at D2 and look forward to your participation.

Rules: If there is a feed where you witness an attack on someone. Please make a copy of the feed before it gets deleted and send it to me, Jaime and Dan so we can see what took place and take proper actions. Attacks are not allowed and we will all keep it civil here for vulgarity and personal attacks will not be tolerated. If a Feed is deleted and no copies are sent to an Admin then there is no way to react properly and remove anyone that is breaking rules. --Jaime--