JESUS CHRIST ROCKS is a group of brothers & sisters in CHRIST that enjoy praying for others, posting scriptures, religious pictures/artwork and gospel music of all genres. Also you may post poems fellowship
& bible study with other members. We are a family that enjoys loving JESUS. Please join us in PRAISING JESUS . God bless you !!! smile emoticon JESUS CHRIST ROCKS and HE LOVES YOU! Psalm 5:11~Let all those rejoice who put their trust in You.
Let Us Pray: "Lord, sometimes we feel like we just want to give up, our burdens are overwhelming at time, we don't seem to ever catch up, we can't seem to get started, we feel the pain of stress, hurt and setbacks. We have decided to dictate this page to doing whatever it takes to lift Jesus Christ up so those who come by our way can see and feel the presence of the LORD!!! Strengthen us to stand up knowing you are always with us. May You Oh Lord fall fresh on us every day so we can find JOY and PEACE here on this group page "JESUS CHRIST ROCKS". Also restore the broken places in our lives and make us all whole once again AMEN!!!"
~ God Bless, Pastor Robert Sutterfield

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