The Make Money Now With Amway Group

1. NO Existing Amway IBO's who are not affiliated with The Dyess... Group Allowed (without Admin Approval!)

2. No spamming in this group. Ex: Promoting other companies in the group, posting links to other things that have nothing to do with the team or Amway.

3. No whining and/or complaining in the group. If you feel like you are doing something wrong, ask for opinions on the info you send people. (For example: on your website or on your timeline.) We embrace results not excuses.

4. No selling of "business tools/products" within the group to other teammates. One of the main reasons people lost interest in the Amway opportunity was from unscrupulous IBO's selling support materials, tickets to functions etc. to their downline. This is a legit work from home business so no scamming people.

5. Keep this group positive. There is no room for negativity. If we feel that you are continuing to post negative posts/comments after being warned you will be removed from the group immediately.

6. Be respectful to other teammates. This group is about growth. RAPID GROWTH. Please do not post any negative comments about other teammates. If you have a problem with a teammate for some reason, handle it like an adult and message them to solve it or let one of the admins know.

7. All Amway Code of Conduct rules and Amway IBO policies are in force here. All Amway related business support materials found here are either free or reasonably priced and provided by Amway Approved providers. No selling of un-approved business support materials allowed. Only support materials that can translate into profit for an IBO are allowed such as SEO services, logo design services, website design services, business card design services etc.