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Anybody got any things they want to sell on eBay? If you are not registered or sure what to do. If you send me a photo of the items and I will write a description and list it on eBay - for collection it is cash hand for you and will be your address so its your sale - all I would ask in return is 10% of your items when they are payed to you. It will help us build a better feedback score and that is what is important. I will be selling stuff of mine also. If you want to send items via post, if you just cover the cost of the post and some supplies (Bubble Wrap, Marker pens and envelopes or parcel boxes) then I will prepare them and post them myself to save you the hassle.This is me and Owen Anthony Brooks account and would love to help people make money for very little effort and gain a small commission. Anybody who wants more details or would like to get started then don't hesitate to message me and will go from there. I have had eBay accounts in the past all with 99% positive
feedback! Thanks and hope to hear from you soon!

All the best. Deej