The purpose of this group is to enable authors to promote their books, to readers of all tastes. What it is NOT for is the promotion and sale of anything other than books. If you post ads for anything else, you and your post will be removed - permanently.

Author pages and other posts related to publishing and book business are permitted.

There are few rules, but the important ones are:

We take you on trust that you'll be promoting books here, not selling sunglasses, shoes, or anything else. HOWEVER, the habit some people have of repeatedly posting their promo - seconds apart, so there is a long run of the same post, same rule applies, your extra posts will be deleted when noticed, so you won't get the attention you want - and do it repeatedly and you will be removed entirely. Everyone gets the same deal here, so please refrain from the page long repeats.

ALSO, please report any post that you find offensive, or breaking our few rules. We do check daily and take action, but I'm sure you can understand that it's impossible for the Admins to read all the posts in this awesome group! Thanks for your help, we really do appreciate it, everyone.

ALL promotional comments on this post will be deleted. This is information only, and any questions members may have. Create your own promo post - do NOT use this one to keep your book or promo on the top of the page.