Egyptians for US residency and research

EAMTAR was created by a group of Egyptian physicians in the US as an online portal for Egyptian medical students and graduates to help those interested in coming to the United states for residency , fellowship or research. Since starting this organization in 2009 we were joined by a large number of Egyptian physicians all across the US who wanted to provide their help and support. Also hundreds and now thousands of Egyptian students and graduates have joined our Facebook groups and website.

Our aim is to empower Egyptian physicians with excellent postgraduate training and research experience to advance medical education back home in Egypt. We have been dealing with Egyptian students via our social media networks and website for the past 2 years, but decided to reach even further into our medical schools back home and work on the ground with medical students that are not familiar with social media and virtual environments.


Improving medical education in Egypt can be achieved in many ways and one of those ways is to have well educated and trained Physicians who are financially stable and willing to make a difference and a contribution to their Homeland.

This contribution could be in the form of going back to help reform the educational system in Egypt, or helping to finance medical institutes for education, or providing educational grants for Egyptians pursuing medical education in the US, or in helping in medical research in Egypt, or at the very least letting people of the world know that Egypt has more to offer than it's magnificent history.

Like many Egyptians before us we traveled to the US seeking better medical education and training and even though we didn't find a lot of guidance along the way we decided to guide the people behind us and share with them our own experience and knowledge.Not only for residencies and fellowships but for everyday life problems outside Egypt like moving to a new country, getting a house, a SSN, a car, getting married outside Egypt, raising kids, finding good schools for kids, applying for advanced degrees after or before residencies, meeting the local Arab/Egyptian community in the area you reside in, dealing with legal and visa problems and so forth.....

We want to create a virtual community to deal with all these problems and guide the new coming Egyptians to the US on what to do. We want to be the source that Egyptians moving to the US go to when they have a question or problem.. We want to have regular trips and meet ups and get to know each other personally and create for our wives/husbands and children as well as ourselves a community we can relate to and share with our happiness and sorrows.

Our aim is to help Egyptian physicians to achieve their goal in getting this medical training in the US and then leaving it up to them to help their country in the way they decide.