Early Marriage Campaign


The purpose of the early marriage campaign (EMC) is to bring the Ummah back to the track again(i.e to put the train on the railway which has slipped off from its track)n. Youths are the most important part of any society and nation. Especially for the Muslim Ummah, the importance of the youth is essential.They are our future generations. Its our responsibility to help them shape their characteristics based on islamic principles so that the next generation can build themselves and follow their predecessors . One of the greatest problems faced today by the Ummah is the crisis of characteristics which is declining day by day among the young Muslim generation. Although the process of Tarbiyyat and Tazkirah are being continued from the beginning of the Islamic history. However, the rate at which the characteristics of today’s generation are crumbling down prove that motivational talks are not only the way to stop this problem. There is one solution which we can implement, i.e.,to start the culture of early marriage. It is because, the sexual desire starts from the age of 12 for the women and 16 for the male whereas people get married almost after 30 years. Its unrealistic to believe that teenagers/youths won’t commit any sin to fulfill his or her sexual desire.Our youths are mostly influenced by western culture which allows free mixing of boys and girls and also extra-marital relationships. We have to keep it in mind that exclusive and impressive religious talks are not enough to prevent them from enjoying their sexual desire. Here we have to be clear about the definition of early marriage. What do we mean by early marriage? It can be defined as, that everyone must get married within the age of 20 to 25. The limit of the age of 25 can never be exceeded.

Now materialistic people can raise a question about the everyday expenditure in such early age when couple are not in a situation to raise their family income. In this situation, we can refer them to the promise of Allah about the Rijk for the early marriage.

Let us put the situation this way, when couples are in relation, they do everything they want. As if they are really husband and wife. Most of them even live together whereas the everyday expenditure is supplied by the respected guardians and they agree to bear the cost until their offsprings come to this earth. So why don’t we save them from the sins and continue to bear the cost?

The Arab world still continues to practice Early marriage.i have classmates who are married.It is only in our part of the world where the custom of late marriage has evolved through following western and Indian culture.people these days usually do not have a problem with late marriage because of the fact that they fulfill their desire by other means such as by having a girlfriend/boyfriend.its time for a change....