The Eldoret Academic Scholar Program(EASP) is a pilot program established in 2012. This is a very selective Program intended to help a few gifted students from all over Kenya each year to gain admission and scholarships to schools in the United States.


Application for scholarships in the United States is a rigorous and demanding process to international students, yet it has never been guaranteed that their applications will be successful. You may have applied for several types of financial aid from various colleges and universities in the US, including scholarships, grants, loans and work-study assistance. Most of this assistance is awarded based on financial need. There are other kinds of aid like merit scholarships, which are based on academic achievement.

At EASP, we believe that getting a college degree in the US doesn’t need to be a hustle for intelligent and academically-endowed Kenyan students, so we created a project that validates equal access and chance for success to every deserving student, regardless of income or need.

While we work to guarantee that the program’s neediest participants’ financial needs are met during their application process, we offer every EASPER an equal opportunity to benefit from the project’s unique mentoring and advising services until and after they matriculate into colleges and universities in the States.

It is our hope, prayer and expectation that every EASP scholar will continue to demonstrate high levels of academic prowess and discipline while making satisfactory progress towards their college degrees. We believe that the different environment that they will encounter while in the US will expose them to a diverse multicultural global community, thus attaining a new state of mind and firm personal ideologies.

We are working towards expanding the vision of the project to mentoring young, smart, talented and needy students in primary and secondary schools until they consider joining American universities.We hope to tap into resources available to furnish schools with books for their libraries(especially SAT preparation books), access to computers and internet in the schools, and scholarship funds for the top talented but poor kids in those schools. In general, we would identify and nurture talent, saving it from neglect and oblivion.

We look forward to working with our second batch of EASPERS, the honor incoming class of the Fall 2013. See all prospective participants in December 2012!!!
American universities have for many years been eager to enroll brilliant international students with strong academic achievement, leadership potential, involvement in extracurricular activities, community service, and exemplary character. These students are expected to maintain a high cumulative GPA, represent their Almer Mater proudly, and also show good citizenship and patriotism to their own countries. These American universities are keen to admit international students as long as these students meet the universities strict academic requirements.

So far, we have South Carolina State University and Claflin University on board, and we are working to have even more internationally-acclaimed universities in the program.

To date, eight students from around Eldoret have been awarded full academic scholarships, which include the Presidential Scholarships, General Scholarship and the Alice Tisdale Honors Scholarship to South Carolina State University and Claflin University. So far, 100% of all qualified applicants who met all the requirements through this program have been awarded full scholarships.

In the Fall of 2012, we got one Student through to SC State University and four to Claflin University on highly prestigious full four-year Tuition, Room, and Board scholarships. In special cases where the student qualifies for, and is awarded a presidential scholarship, textbook allowance and a monthly stipend may be issued on top of the full scholarship. A limited number of form-four or post-form-four students of outstanding academic excellence are therefore invited to compete for these scholarship opportunities.

EASP hopes to take advantage of the availability of these scholarship opportunities and will be willing to offer guidance to Kenyan students from Eldoret(but not limited to) intending to pursue their undergraduate degrees in The States with the following credentials:

1) SAT Critical reading + Math score of 1100 and above.
2) KCSE mean grade of B+ and above.

The EASP comprehensive application form can be filled at: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/embeddedform?formkey=dHptOXBHcXlEY3ROREx0cnNhSXl6dFE6MQ
If you find the link inactive, please email us at [email protected]

The EASP will NOT cover students' application fees, and for now until we get a grant to assist needy students, the student should be ready to foot all other application expenses incurred, keep in constant contact with the EASP recruiters, return documents swiftly when required to.

If you have any questions about the program and or the application process, please feel free to ask on the forum or send us an inquiry email to [email protected] Those interested may be required to meet one of our recruiters in Kenya for an interview. If invited for an interview, you may be requested to bring your academic credentials with you. If you meet the qualifications, and you are accepted into the program, you will have nothing to lose, and possibly a great deal to gain.

DISCLAIMER: Applicants are responsible for meeting each requirement of the US Colleges they are applying to and currently,the program does not offer any financial aid during the application process. The program is also non profit and its agents work on volunteer basis,and will therefore not require any of its applicants to pay fees of any kind for its services.
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