Norfolk & Suffolk DJs, MCs & Producers (Self Promotion & Networking Group)

This is a group for DJs in and around Norfolk & Suffolk to self promote and network with other DJs from the same area...

DJs can post:
Events your DJing at or involved in
Basically anything that promotes you and what you do.

Please do not post anyone elses work, this group is to promote yourselves and let people know of any events coming up that you are involved in.
Please try to avoid repeat posting.
If you have lots of mixes you would like to share at once, then help keep the group wall tidy by posting your mix page profile instead.
No bitching, no porn, no bullying, no negative comments.. we only encourage constructive critisism please :)

Members can download DJ mixes, upload pictures, links and discuss all things rave, as long as its related to DJ's in this area.

Thanks for joining :) please spread the love by adding fellow DJ's who you think will benefit from this group, and dont forget to ASK people if its ok to add them if your not sure.