East Coast Photography and Modeling Group

A group to organize small local events and get together for learning, practice, and networking with local photographers and models.
The organizer is a member of the successful group Seattle Photography Associates in Seattle.
Trying to bring the concepts to the east coast to build a small collaborative of photographers who are dedicated volunteers with common goals.

We are a group of people who share their time, resources and talents towards promoting the collective ideas of advancing model photography standards and encouraging networking in the community, developing skills in model portfolio development, advance in photographic skills and encourage new members to progress through mentoring.
We do not necessarily look for the best photographers to join our group, but for those who possess a positive attitude, work well within the group and share these basic principles.
Our focus is on encouraging new people to network and grow and more advanced members to mentor.
Together we strive to build a supportive network between models, photographers and model photography support creatives while building lasting and positive relationships with full spectrum of models. The common goal is to collaborate together to create images that improve everyone's interest.

We welcome all level of photographer interested in model photography to our open events. Our events and workshops are designed to be fun, safe, productive and educational avenues of networking with others in the Seattle photography community. We work in conjunction with the West Washington Artist and Model Exchange developing our events.

If you are interested in developing your portfolio, networking and having fun we look forward to meeting you. Registered members to our Meetup.com group are invited to participate in our events.

Look for our meetup group at http://www.meetup.com/eastcoastphoto/