EastCoast PsyTribe

EastCoast PsyTribe, our meeting of the minds. Psychedelic trance communities are spread throughout the world, here is a place where we can stay connected and share information to help one another in anyway we may need. Whether it is finding info on parties/festivals, finding friends and staying in touch, sharing amazing music, posting events or just to speak your mind on the psytrance culture. This is your tribe, invite anyone who you feel would want to be a part of it. Peace, Love, Psy heart emoticon

EastCoast PsyTribe, manifested January of 2012 by Eric Allen, is a psychedelic trance collective, thats goal is to ignite the energy that lurks deep within you. Have it explode onto the dance floor and beyond, helping you clear your mind and fill your heart with love. Stepping onto a Psytrance dance floor should feel like stepping into a portal to an alternate dimension and feel like you are being transported through space and time. We together create this environment and that's why we all are the Natives of Psytrance. From the djs to the artists to the energy, which is you.

EastCoast PsyTribe has had the privilege to work with productions such as Respect Gatherings, SYNC, Dreamcatchers, Alladin Project, The Radial Engine Tribe, Green Apples, Hikari, Fractaltribe, Psybolic Frolic and many more. In 2012, we joined forces with Respect Gatherings, The Radial Engine Tribe and Psybolic Frolic to manifest the beautiful festival, Respect - An Homage to Psytrance at Echo Lake, New York.

In the summer of 2013 we partnered up with Respect Gatherings to manifest Genesis. A festival that brought some of the top artists from around the world such as Sonic Species, Phasephour, Hypnocoustics, Boom Shankar, Illegal Machines, Inada, Artha, Tectum, Fractal Phono and Manipulation. Taking the energy from the awesomeness of nature and bringing it to the streets of New York, in 2014 Respect Gatherings and EastCoast PsyTribe have brought back Sonic Species, Digicult, Hux Flux and have many more surprises to come.