East Coast Rave Community

ECRC- "Saving lives, one little lonely raver at a time."

ECRC Rules & T.O.S.:

ECRC reserves the right to remove any/all content at any time for any reason. Membership can be revoked at any time at the discretion of group administrators for violation of the below guidelines:

Members will keep all promotions, ticket sales, and contests in the pinned post.

Members will keep their personal statuses to their own Facebook walls, not the ECRC's.

Duplicate links/posts will be removed, at the discretion of the Admins, in order to create an organized and informative environment.

Artists will keep self-promotional related posts to the pinned post and artist document.

Members will treat other members with respect and common courtesy.

Solicitation of illegal substances will result in immediate and permanent removal from the group.

Cyber bullying will absolutely not be tolerated under any circumstances. Sharing somebody's personal contact information with the implied impression to incite harassment will result in immediate and permanent removal from the group and your malfeasance duly reported to the appropriate authoritative parties.

We also request members keep posts relevant to the subject of music. After all this is a group centered around dance music.