Spirituality Made Easy !

This is open to ALL OF YOU !
You may be from ANY religious background.
You may be from ANY spiritual Path!

GOD is ONE but to reach him Paths might be different.

Anybody, YOUNG or old with a flair for gaining knowledge and learning and trying to understand, god, meditation, mysticism, and any other form of spirituality is most welcome to post, express thoughts, quotations, and participate in ANY POSITIVE SPIRITUAL way.
Please refrain from Orthodoxy or outdated Beliefs.

You may also post QUESTIONS to get a variety of answers to enable you to gain more knowledge on the subject.

Some Advantages of Spirituality:

We become more LOVING, patient, tolerant and god fearing.

INNER Peace, seeing things in a Positive Loving Light.

Our unconscious mind working at its deepest level.

We learn to rise above frustration, disappointment and NEGATIVE feelings.

Gain 'Inner' POWER and STRENGTH which enable us to face all life's challenges.

Our intuition gets sharper and have a sharper perspective of Life.

Our understanding of our inner Consciousness, what we are, and why we are here grows, which lead to better Meditation and Devotion to God.

Helps in developing Self Confidence and Peace of Mind!

It has been an experienced fact that people who engage in spirituality have better health, are more Cheerful, become stress free, can face problems and difficulties of this world and life in a positive way,etc.
Have happy relationships with family, friends and fellow human beings, and an all round feeling of HAPPINESS, PEACE AND CALM !

You may also please refer this group to your friends and like minded persons whom you feel will be interested.

Apart from joining, kindly start participating right away !

Special Request for members following "RADHASOAMI".
As per Radhasoami Headquarters in Dera, Beas instructions:
NO photographs of Master, NO videos, NO question Answers written by third parties, no word to mouth heard Saakhis, not even publicizing the word "Radhasoami" etc. should be POSTED in ANY Group on the internet. This group is STRICTLY in favor of this. However word to word copy of Spirituality could be posted with due reference to the origin.

N.B.Any member could be unsubscribed by Admin at any point of time for any reason whatsoever. However if anyone finds any content of this group as objectionable, they are requested to please send message to Admin of this group and not to anyone else! The Admin's decision will be final.