Eat Clean Plan

Clean eating for optimum health, wellbeing and fitness. Realist...ic eating plans, tips and recipes which will benefit everyone in their journey to feel better and overcome any symptoms of modern day life such as autoimmune conditions (many people are undiagnosed). As two sufferers of Hashimotos (underactive thyroid), we successfully altered our lifestyle two years ago and have seen so many health benefits which our family and friends have also tried with great results. Our initial weight loss has not changed and we do not feel we are on a diet, just a realistic and maintainable lifestyle which we feel can benefit anyone. Whatever your goal…..whether it's to lose weight, add muscle, reduce tiredness, live longer, avoid energy slumps, sleep better or simply to feel less stressed - a few simple changes to your eating and lifestyle could change your life!! You only get one body - treat it right and love life <3 Jodie & Tracey x x