eBay BLR FineArts Group

This is a private group for the photo enthusiasts within eBay Inc working out of the Bangalore center. Please email the admin with your ebay/paypal email address to get a member to add you to the group.

Group Rules
Only folks working in eBay/Paypal are accepted to be members. Folks wishing to join should submit their request with their ebay/paypal email address

Photo Contests
1) Please submit only three photos per contest
2) Ensure that they are tagged with the appropriate contest tag
3) provide description as creative as possible (smile)
4) All pictures uploaded should be owned by the uploader and not copyrighted to anyone else
5) Should be an original work and not an adaptation or editing done on an existing photograph.

General FAQs
1) Higher the resolution, better it is for printing/display
2) Any questions/enquires, use the discussion forum liberally :)