eBay Sellers Australia

For eBay Australia sellers to discuss eBay, ecommerce and online marketing. NOT for spamming your eBay/online listings or promoting your business.

You are welcome to discuss what you sell and provide links to your listings if you are seeking specific help or advice on a listing or transaction.
If other members ask about what you sell you are welcome to provide a link. If you have a service that would help a specific member you are welcome to suggest it, but please don't post purely for the purpose of advertising.
A file has been provided for listing your eBay store, website, facebook page called Name: Business. You are welcome to add your details.

Please respect your fellow members.
It is OK to have a different opinion but choose your words carefully.
Also it is wise to begin your posts with the words "In my opinion" if that is what you are sharing.
I sincerely hope there will be no need to remove any posts.