Ebony Sexy

People of color rarely have anything of our own. We're continuously subjected to being looked down upon and treated as outcasts even by other people created with melanin in their skin.

Ebony Sexy was created in March 2015 under the guise of sex and humor but with the underlying purpose to bring us all back together and try to reestablish the love our ancestors once had for one another. If you've been in this group a while, you know it's been through trial and error but as with the melanin community as a whole, ES continued and continues to prosper almost a year in.

At this point we've made much progress with building a strong foundation but we're still far from where I envisioned we could be. THE PURPOSE OF ME SCHEDULING MEET UPS NOW IS FOR US TO ESTABLISH OUR OFFLINE SOCIAL NETWORK! This is a necessity when building a deep rooted relationship with one another. We've learned to care for and even rekindled old friendships with one another in this group. We've established a virtual family but until we bring it offline and combine that loving, exciting and positive energy collectively in the physical, we'll only ever be incomplete....

I seek completion. I yearn for it...

We all NEED it whether we realize it or not! It's not about sex or dating, it's about building a new community of Black People!

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