Evansville Community Farmer's Market

The Evansville Community Farmers Market is coming on June 14, 2014 to Faith Lutheran Church in Evansville! This is a great opportunity to sell and purchase fresh produce, baked goods and/or craft items. Meet your neighbors for breakfast which will be served in the fellowship hall from 8:00 am to 11:00 am (cost: a smile, thank you, and whatever you choose to contribute as a free-will donation). We are looking for vendors as well as non-profit organizations interested in putting on the breakfast as a fund raiser. Please contact us with any questions regarding participating in this great opportunity for fellowship: Daryl Johnson 320-760-0457, Carol Johnson 320-760-8700, Larry & Vicki Carlson, 218-948-2117, Monty Carlson 320-491-1537, Julie Carlson 320-491-2304, or email [email protected]