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This group is all about jobs in most talked out industry in India "E.Commerce".

Here we encourage all E.Commerce based companies and Startup's to post their Job Openings / Vacancies and find the appropriate talent.

This Community is useful in getting employment in the vast field of E.Commerce and M.Commerce and build careers around them.

1. Post relevant to E.Commerce Industry hiring's would be allowed here.
2. No Crappy Advertisements / Promotions of Company's allowed here.
3. Post with Spam, Nudity, and harming anyone's sentiments won't be tolerated.

Note: Breach of above rules will lead to deletion of post and ban of the person posting it, without any notice.

Be generous, helpful, encourage other's and get the JOB!

All the Best!

[Disclaimer: All the jobs posted in the group are no where connected / related to the group and its admin's, they are posted by the individuals or companies who are in search of relevant talent directly or are shared from other group's with the name of person who post it.
Group and its Admin's are not responsible for any claims of fraud at any point of job posting or hiring process.]