Ecstatic Dance Dallas | Ecstatic cOMmUnity

Ecstatic Dance Dallas | Ecstatic cOMmUnity: building creative, empowered, embodied, loving, & united cOMmUnity through Ecstatic Dance, Kirtan & World Music, & Bhakti Yoga.

Monica Blossom & the Ecstatic Dance Dallas TEAM & cOMmUnity invites YOU ... to join us; to move, breathe & be free!

ecstatic dance is a form of active meditation or prayer where music from around the world, free-form self-guided movement, and breath are used to shift brain wave patterns from the day-to-day busyness, to the more meditative and insightful alpha state. gathering together in community, on the dance floor, in movement and music and breath, activates potent life force energy for transformation and creation. it frees our joy and inspiration!

no experience required or desired. all are invited and all are welcome.

Ecstatic Dance Dallas WEEKLY
THURS @ 7:30-9:30 p.m. @
Sokol Ballroom | Dallas, TX
7448 Greenville Ave, Dallas, TX 75231

{NO DANCE on Thanksgiving OR Christmas}

{{{ ~ BEGINNING 1/11 2015

(*Ecstatic Pass @ discount*)
5 for $40 OR 10 for $80
(passes not applicable for special events).

7:30 | Warm up
8:00 | Opening Circle & Ecstatic Dance
9:20 | Closing Circle

Ecstatic Dance DALLAS cOMmUnity gatherings + Ecstatic MoonDance exist in honor of You & our local & global community with the intent of elevating the Health, Hope, Happiness, Humor & Harmony of Humanity ... of ALL. in the spirit & knowing that the human evolution revolution is an inside job, this is a space held for you to be & become MORE OF YOUR TRUEST ESSENCE, which is Love!

Ecstatic Dance DALLAS cOMmUnity gathers for a transformative, music journey, mixed with intention. move however you wish, in a container for conscious dance and freeform movement. no booze, no shoes and no chit-chat on the dance floor helps us keep it intentional. amazing music helps us keep it all about dance!

1. no talking on the dance floor
2. Drug-Free, Smoke-Free, Alcohol-Free
3. no photos or videos, cellphones muted and out of sight.
4. care/awareness for the space & each other
5. move your body however you wish
6. you can dance ALONE or with others.

~ What to Expect ~
1. conscious + inspiring dance music
2. top-notch dance floor + sacred space
3. safe space for you to move
4. beautiful people

INTERESTS: human + planetary evolution; co-creation; peaceful progress; inspiring the health, hope, happiness, humor & harmony of humanity; creative originality; dance, music, poetry, LOVE.

monica blossom | 214.597.6800 | [email protected]