Eczema Support Group

Support group for people who's lives have been changed due to ec...zema.

STEROID USE: No negative/bashing posts related to steroids and the choice to use/not use.

Treatment information and conversations are NOT banned in this group.
If someone posts asking specifically about him please feel free to reply.
If someone posts asking for help and someone replies to the thread about Dr Aron first be my guest. If you are not the first comment about him please find the first, press reply to that comment and feel free to add to that specific persons notes.
For more in depth information about him please join the specific support group.

ADVERTISING: No advertising in the group. No creams/personal soaps etc. If you or someone you know is able to make a profit from the product it is not to be posted.

If the above rules are not followed you will be removed from the group.

All conversations in this group are from members and their personal experiences. Please remember what works for one person may not work for another.