English Discussion And Learning Group

Hi there! This group (EDALG) is dedicated to all kind of activit...ies and discussions related to English and English Grammar.
Admins: Veer Valiant, Lokesh Kumar and Gurpreet Singh Osahan
Group's Link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/edalg/

This group is only for learning and improving our English. So, bear the following points in your mind→
◆ Don't post any irrelevant and extraneous content.
◆ Don't post your own photos in the group.
◆ Post only that stuff which is related to English.
◆ Don't share any links in the group and don't comment about recharge offers.
◆ Don't use abusive language and be polite with everyone.
◆ Don't discuss political, religious, or country related matters.
◆ Don't send friend requests unnecessarily and don't beg for requests either.
◆ If you find anyone spamming, bothering or teasing you, inform one of the #admins.