Eden Park Raceway

Eden Park Raceway was resurrected from the well-known and successful club Eden Park Overlanders. Having closed its gates in 1999 due to vandalism and conflict with the then landlords, a few of its original members spent many years hoping to bring it back. With only a few venues in the South East (albeit very good ones) we thought another track can only help the diversity of racing and hopefully open up the catchment area of the drivers taking part in the region.

When we first arrived at the track in January 2007 to assess what could be done, we were more than a little overwhelmed by how overgrown the area was. But this was immediately forgotten as we found that the track below was still in good condition. This led to our excitement that this could actually happen! With tentative agreement from the new landlords we began some exploratory work and having seconded the help of many volunteers, the really enjoyable but extremely hard work began.

After nine weekends of slog the track was raceable with a renovated rostrum and race control. At the time, there was still lots of work to do like the construction of a new scrutineering hut and of course there were plenty of other plans. But the club had risen from the ashes and was open for racing once again under the new name of Eden Park Raceway and has subsequently held a number of prestigious events including the BRCA Nationals and TLR Grand Prix.

Here's to even more fun!