Edgemead, Cape Town, Western Cape

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This group is for anybody residing in the suburb of Edgemead, Cape Town, Western Cape or past/future residents of Edgemead who would like to keep in touch with happenings in the suburb. We encourage group members to post all things Edgemead-related eg.
Ask questions relating to the suburb, community, services required, local recommendations etc.
Inform fellow Edgemeadians about upcoming events
Lost & Found pets
Any interesting history or anecdotes about the suburb
Past & Present photos
Promote a service/small business for the ‘Mead that is based in the 'Mead (once a month is acceptable, this is not a business networking group)
We encourage freedom of speech and free, fair and open discussion of all Edgemead-related issues, but Admins are not going to police petty disagreements. Please sort out the problem amicably or move on.

A few rules are necessary for the smooth running of the group:
Advertising related to Edgemead may be posted once a month
NO ads for network/multi-level/pyramid/referral marketing eg. Herbalife, Avon, Amway, Tupperware etc.
NO "free to good home" pet requests/giveaways
NO spam, unsolicited competitions or junk mail
NO trolls
NO profanity
NO hate-speech
NO political, religious/anti-religious posts, we welcome all & remain neutral
Posts containing any of the above will be removed & repeat offenders will be blocked
NO business profiles will be added, only individual profiles allowed
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